Triple Bottom Line and Sustainable Telecom

Designed from the ground up in 2003 with a holistic focus on people, planet and profits, BetterWorld’s business model is unique in the world of telecommunications:

  • People: We are a fully-transparent, open book, democratically-run organization that donates a percentage of top-line revenues to causes for children, education, the environment and fair trade, and all employees are allowed to volunteer at least 2 workdays per month to organizations in the communities we serve.
  • Planet: Through our Environmental Impact Plan, BetterWorld's modern virtual corporate design utilizes technology to create minimal emissions and waste.
  • Products : Through our innovative partnership with the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, in 2009, BetterWorld created the BetterWork™ Solution Framework. As the first carrier in the world to teach organizations how to lower their footprints through telecommunications services, BetterWork™ is a significant carbon mitigation strategy that both saves money and reduces environmental impacts across the board.
  • Our "Certified" Commitment

    BetterWorld is the only telecom carrier in the United States tested and certified as a For Benefit company by B Corporation™.

    Pathways: BetterWorld's 2008/2009 Corporate Citizenship Report

    Pathways: CSR Report

    BetterWorld Telecom again leads the way in the US telecoms industry with the first comprehensive Corporate Citizenship Report dedicated solely to environmental, product and social justice issues and activities. Please click here to view or download the report. We welcome your thoughts and comments as to our progress thus far and future direction in the area of corporate responsibility. Please direct any thoughts or suggestions to wecare@betterworldtelecom.com.

BetterWorld Team at Turkey Run National Park

BetterWorld team members Ali, JP and Glenn volunteer with The Nature Conservancy.

We're Proud to be a B Corporation!

B Corporation

Higher purpose, accountability, transparency and performance. BetterWorld is now among the Founding B Corporations who are setting the new corporate standard for social and environmental performance. We're thrilled to stand among these visionary business leaders. Click here for more information on B Corporation.